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Beaux-Artes Historical Reproduction Decorative HVAC Return and Supply Air Grilles and More!

Beaux-Artes is the leading manufacturer of historic reproduction grilles made to replace unattractive louvered grilles, registers, vent covers, air return grilles, air return vent covers, and filter grilles found in forced air HVAC systems, as well as decorative covers for in the wall or ceiling speakers, foundation vents, radiator covers and T-Bar ceiling grilles.

We are the originators of decorative trims for recessed lights. Our Decorative Recessed Light Trims replace the plastic ring that sits on the ceiling. We offer sizes to fit all major brands of recessed lighting canisters. Another unique addition to our replacement trims for recessed lights are crystal embellishments. Not only can you choose from over 14 finishes for your decorative trim, we also offer several crystal sizes, styles and colors to create a custom recessed light for your home.

We offer unique wall panels which can be used on walls and ceilings. They are easy to install with a notch in the back of the corner ornaments to conceal where the molding meets the corner. They are sold as sets with 16 feet of molding and come in all of our great finishes.

In 2012 we totally changed the way we designed our decorative grilles and recessed lighting product masters by introducing 3D scanning, software and technology.   We have expanded the sizes we offer for decorative grilles while maintaining the historical integrity of the ornament.  Our decorative recessed light trims are also available for all major manufacturers of recessed lighting canisters.  All our products are cast from historic ornamentation and manufactured by us in the USA. We use the highest quality urethane resin. Resin is an excellent choice for the architectural product industry. It is dimensionally and thermally stable, corrosion resistant, paintable and screwable. All of our products are available in 14 beautiful finishes for no additional charge.